it just kinda feels like a great time to tell you all i love you so i made this. i literally follow the funniest, most talented and amazing people ever and sometimes i’m amazed at just how perfect the people i follow are, like woah you are all just so awesome. and i’m sure people tell you all that all the time but i kinda wanted to tell you too. could you imagine coming onto tumblr and not loving everyone you follow, how boring that could make the experience? well i never have to worry about that cause you all are just fantastic. so thank you all so much for being so perfect and wonderful! and yeah i love you all.

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i love you deirdre :), thanks so much

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1/2 Deaths - Graham’s death

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she was controlling me.

Finn is always looking forward to seeing Rae. She doesn’t notice how easily her presence brightens up his day.

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2/3 Locations-StoryBrooke Maine

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